How to Install The Knitting Planner on your iPad

16 Jan, 2022 0 comments
The Knitting Planner cover page on an ipad

To install The Knitting Planner on your iPad, follow these steps:

Important: You MUST have GoodNotes installed on your iPad first.

To download GoodNotes (a paid app), visit the app store and download the app.

Step 1 – Login to your Etsy account and click “Purchases and Reviews”

Step 2 – Locate The Knitting Planner listing and click “Download Files”

Step 3 – Click the “Download” button beside the pdf listing

Step 4 – Open the PDF (with a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat)

The PDF will look something like the image below. Click the blue button to download your Knitting Planner Files.

Step 5 – You will be taken to the Private Google Drive.

Locate “The Knitting Planner.goodnotes” and click the three dots […]. Choose Open in GoodNotes

Step 6 – GoodNotes will ask how you want to import the files.

Choose “Import as New Document

Congratulations, you’ve opened The Knitting Planner!

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